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Your front door can reveal a lot about you - your personality and your style. Are you more  private and reserved? Is your home security your most important element? Or is your style more daring...bring on the admiration!


 The front door to your home is, in most instances, the focal point.  So much attention to the front facade of your home can earn you much admiration.  Have you ever noticed where your eye is drawn to when you're admiring homes?  Nine times out of 10 it will start and finish at the front door.

So what are some of your choices when looking for the perfect front door?  In my 40+ years as a professional builder, I still find it pleasing and exciting when an owner puts great importance into this feature of their home. 

Your entry door can have both functional and artful values. Simultaneously, depending on the type of material used, it should shield and guard the home from both natural elements and intruders. Hence, the wrong choice can considerably condense the security of your family and debase the structural artistry of the house, so keep in mind the ideal material for your climate and what brass lockset and knockers compliment the overall style.  


According to Feng Shui, the front door, which is "The Mouth of Chi”, absorbs nourishment and energy, which is passed on to those living within. Feng Shui suggests that your front/main door to be of the colour of the earth as it brings stability, protection and nourishment to the relationship to the home members.

Besides catching the street appeal and respecting Feng Shui standards, the choice of colour should also compliment the style of your home, but it can also reveal your personality type.  Red for instance is said to say "Look at me!" White on the other hand can say you like things clean and neat.  Yellow, you've got a sunny/happy disposition!  And black doesn't mean you're sad or unapproachable, but rather err on the side of traditional and conservative.

The style of your door should also be determined by the position of your house and the prevailing climate. Door designs for a tropical rainy season, hot and dry conditions in the western areas, and cyclonic conditions can differ widely.  If it is cyclonic conditions you face each year, best to go with the most robust door you can!  If you're in an area that sees heavy rainfall, then having glass as a portion of your door can let you see or watch the rainfall, which personally I find very therapeutic and a touch romantic!

Moreover, the privacy can be of concern, especially if your home fronts a busy street. If your home stands in direct view of the passing traffic, then a full wooden door can protect your privacy.  Privacy isn't an issue then opt for a tempered glass door if it is nestled in the quiet of a beautiful neighbourhood, where you don't want to block a breathtaking view, or you want to take in your tranquil landscaped setting.


Lastly, the materials that you use for the door will speak for its longevity, price and finishing. Precisely, the better material you choose for your front door, the greater level of splendour and durability you can expect from your investment. The selection of material ranges are recycled timber, glass and steel. If you seek protection, then obviously a solid steel door is the ultimate buy, but some may feel this option is just too sterile and unwelcoming. If you want your entry door to reflect a heritage appearance, then timber with leadlight is a popular choice.  But if it's grandeur and opulence that you want to portray, this is where your choices become unlimited.  Over the years I  have had clients import their front doors from overseas, have found a door with incredible history, or who have commissioned an artist for a one-of-a-kind door.  It really does come down to personal taste and how many $$ you're prepared to part with.



Does your door tell a story or reveal your personality?  I'd love to hear your thoughts or share your style in a picture by joining me on Pinterest


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