Step 1 :  

Make sure you purchase unsented toilet paper

Step 2 :   

Choose an essential oil fragrance that is pleasing to most and not too overpowering

Step 3 :   

Slightly tilt your paper roll to expose the inner cardboard tube

Step 4 :   

Place a few drops (2 - 3) and swirl so that the oil coats a larger area of the tube. 

Step 5:    

Repeat this process if you prefer a more prominent scent when your paper rolls sit out in a basket or on a large holder




For those of us who are familiar with using essential oils, you'll know you only need the smallest amount to achieve a fabulously smelling room.  And what better to way to introduce a home fragrance of your choice, as opposed to the manufactured "toilety" smells.

We hope you find this simple tip useful.  We're always on the lookout for more natural ways of caring for your home, so if you have any tips be sure to share them with us.










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