We received a call from a client last week whose family are literally at their wits' end.   It seems whilst the family are all tucked in for a good night's sleep, they are being woken, quite alarmingly so, to extreme noises - what seems like one cracker of a gunshot - emanating from their steel sheet roof.

So why does a steel roof go BANG! in the night?

 Technically:    Metal when hot = expansion.   Metal when cool = contractionDue to temperature variations and the fact that your roof sheeting is confined, such variations in expansion and contraction causes friction.  It is this friction that is released by way of energy that creates this bang or cracking noise effects.

How can this be remedied?

Whilst there are a number of remedies, before resorting to more costly tactics, such as installing  and/or changing your roof's insulation, first contact your local professional builder and request that he or she attend to tightening of the roof's fastening screws, so as to prevent excessive movement/friction.   Hopefully it is this simple method that can bring back restful sleeping to you and your family.




On a side note, if you are looking at having a steel roof, just remember the darker the colour the more the expansion. 

Do you have a noisy steel roof?  Have you discovered a successful remedy? Leave us a comment below, we'd be interested to hear from you, as would a lot of noisy roof sufferers!

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