6 Reasons Why White is the Colour of Choice When Renovating or Building


There are so many shades of white, and it is one of the most versatile hues for your home hands down.   In today's post, I wanted to cover the importance of choosing your ultimate or primary colour for both the interior and exterior of your home when you're next at the point of building or renovating.  Of course, I don't purport to be a colour expert, rather am merely putting my thoughts out there from my 30+ years as a professional builder.  So if your budget doesn't quite stretch to hiring a professional colour specialist or one of our many talented Australian interior designers, then these are my thoughts on choosing white. 

Out of all colours and shades to choose from, I see white as:


 1/      The most respectful colour

2/       It adds light

3/       Gives a sense of space

4/       Allows you to change out your décor pieces easily

5/       A way to accentuate with contrasting colours

6/       It looks expensive and can increase the value of your home


The Kitchen

Think white cupboards and white walls where the pop of colour comes in through the splashback, or your benchtops, or your prized appliances.

 White Kitchen


White Kitchen belong to Kris Jenna


All White Kitchen


The Bathroom

Take this bathroom as a great example in the use of colour, clearly white, that has given centre stage to a few key elements, the stunning silver bathtub, light fixture and glass mirror – giving it a wow factor.  No need for expensive imported tiles that can blow your bathroom renovation into shutdown before you even get started.  Many clients forget to consider that tiling covers a large area in bathrooms and adds up very quickly.

  Elegant White and Silver Bathroom with Chandelier


Luxury White Bathroom

The Bedroom

They say the colour of your bedroom should promote sleep, for the most part.  So if you’re reading this and can relate to my wife’s obsession with bed linen, by choosing a warmer shade of white (you don’t want to feel you’ve entered an asylum at the end of everyday) then you can your wife/partner can indulge in an array of bed linens for a weekly change!  I honestly feel I’ve entered a new room each week, yet it’s just a change of linen.  It doesn’t matter how flamboyant the linen gets, it doesn’t clash or look ghastly when you’re adding it to an already white room.


White Bedroom with Chandelier and Polished Floors


White Children's Bedroom

The Exterior

Don’t stop at choosing white for just your home’s interior.  The best colour to show off the architecture or to make your home look more expensive than say your neighbour’s exposed 80s motley brickwork (apologies now if this is your beloved exterior), is going with a white-walled exterior.

Choosing a painted white exterior for your home will also allow you many choices then to accentuate the trim, architraves, guttering and your rooftop, and also let your personality shine through with the colour of your front door.


White Australian Cottage Home 


The Roof

Now I don’t normally suggest a white roof (and I won’t be here either) for many obvious reasons, primarily because it gets filthy very quickly (you don’t want to be scheduling a roof clean along with a gutter clean every 12 weeks).  

However, mostly I recommend to our clients that they steer away from very light rooftops, due to the fact it’s a very large area for the sun to reflect off of.   Yes, you want a cool roof to repel heat, especially in Australia, and lighter colours are proven to be the most effective here, but you also don’t want to be signalling to mars or worse still, blinding your neighbours for hours a day, every day, which is more common than you may think!  


If the exterior and interior of your home is looking outdated and in need of a refresh or you’re ready to undertake a much needed home renovation/extension, have I given you enough food for thought on choosing white as your primary house colour, inside and out?


Image sources: Kitchens, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Australian Homes


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